The possibility of making a cooking blog has been discussed with my friends, family and I for a ridiculously long time, and now, finally, I decided to sit down and spend a whopping two minutes setting one up.

And here is the result; ‘Every day fabulous food’  (fabulous food from simple ingredients) is something I thought that was missing on the vast ocean of food blogs. So many of these blogs require such a long list of ingredients you are are exhausted just reading the recipe let alone searching for the ingredients! With my blog I try and use only a few ingredients which are available in most supermarkets and then create something that is truly delicious and simple to make.

With my kids both at university and friends who seem to have very hectic lives I have tried to create recipes which are easy and packed with flavour.

So hopefully there are some other like-minded people out there who want to try this out. I will post recipes and pictures of what I’ve made on a fairly regular basis (I hope) but I would also  love suggestions or brilliant new ideas which you’d like me to ‘kitchen-test’.

See you soon !

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