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Every year I meet up with a girlfriend of mine and we sneak out for a long lunch and a good gossip,  maybe a bit of a moan and a great laugh about life, our dreams, kids and our other halves. We always meet up at the same restaurant and each time peruse the menu and after much debate always end up ordering the same crab salad!

I love fresh white crab meat. Its delicate flavour is delectable much more subtle than lobster and better value too even if you don’t have the time to pick the crab meat from freshly boiled crab  you can buy very good white crab meat from fishmongers. Mix it with a little lemon, olive oil and chilli and it is fabulous stirred into freshly cooked spaghetti. However if you want to really appreciate the exquisite flavour of the crab,I like to keep it really simple and serve it with the zest of a lemon a little olive oil, parsley and seasoning served on a bed of mixed leaves or cucumber shavings. for added zing I sometimes add a little dash of sweet chilli sauce. What could better….